British Flowers Week Celebrations


image3What better way to celebrate British Flower week, than spending the day with Lara at Manor Farm Cottage Flowers? We started the day (in glorious sunshine!) with a tour of the farm. Lara gave the students the low-down on how she sows hers seeds and plants her flowers.

From field to vase, Lara explained how continual care (and love!) is required to produce the very best flowers!


Explaining cutting techniques, Lara shows the students how to cut flowers with an event in mind, always making sure that she cuts her ‘Show Girls’ firstly.




Armed with their buckets and scissors it was then over to the students to cut their very own flowers – definitely a case of kids in a sweet shop, the ladies were in their element!

image2 image1 - Copy image4









Following a delicious locally made lunch, Rachel demonstrated how to dress a natural archway, not one to give up she battled on through the heavy rainstorm which inconveniently set in just as she began.





The end result was beautiful albeit a bit soggy – as were we all.




image6Thankfully it wasn’t too long before the rain stopped, and ladies were able to put good use to their cut flowers. A quick demonstration from myself and Saffy and then it was over to the ladies to produce their own posies – they did a fab job in creating some amazing floral designs

We ended the day with a cuppa and cake and reflected on the days events. The day was a huge success – thank you to all the students that took part and to Lara for being such a great host!

IMG_3245So, having spent some time on the flower farm, it has definitely reinforced why we at Tallulah Rose love to (when possible) use British grown flowers – reasons why, here a few.

• The flowers are at their freshest as they have travelled the minimum distance, which in turn gives them a maximum vase life
• Not only do they look beautiful, but many of the British Flowers have a stunning scent – such a powerful thing which often can revoke a memory
• Buying British and ‘in-season’ means your flowers will be the very best quality.

If you’d would like know more about Manor Farm Cottage Flowers or would like to purchase some of their gorgeous British flowers – check them out on their Facebook page.


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