About Us


Rachel Wardley – Founder

After a career in fashion and a busy London life I turned my attention to the world of flowers. I trained at the renowned Jane Packer Flower School in 2005 and had the honour of meeting the inspirational founder, an introduction I am particularly grateful for. Shortly afterwards I moved to the beautiful city of Bath and opened my first flower shop, a dream come true. I enjoyed the challenges that building a new business brings and was encouraged by those around me to open my doors to brides. I loved working within the wedding industry, bringing a brides dreams to life was a real thrill and with the help of a great team we created over 100 wedding thrills a year!

Launching the Tallulah Rose Flower School in 2009 was a natural progression for me. Being able to share my knowledge and experience of the flower industry has in turn enabled others to go on and fulfil their own floristry dreams.

Tallulah Rose has launched many businesses over the years and I’m proud to have played a part in their floral journey.


Tallulah’s Philosophy

I want everyone who comes through the doors of Tallulah Rose to be rewarded with a conducive learning environment. You walk into the schoolroom and feel relaxed and calm, it’s how I want you feel. If you’re both relaxed and calm you will ask questions and absorb the answers, it’s as simple as that.

I challenge you, I don’t make it easy. We are all different, that’s what makes life exciting after all, so it goes without saying that our flower styles will be different too. Here at Tallulah Rose Flower School you are encouraged to develop you’re own style and not copy others.

As students of the school you will be presented with a wide range of the very best seasonal flowers to choose from. We don’t choose for you, I find this simple act instills confidence in your own ability and sometimes that’s all we need to be a success.


Team Tallulah

There is a whole heap of love and passion from everyone involved in the success of Tallulah Rose. We make up a team of six and together we have decades of experience, all of which we share with you. From Jane Packer, McQueens and Rebel Rebel to our own floristry businesses, we have created flowers for royalty and celebrities alike. Working together for a number of years we have only one goal, to make your time at Tallulah Rose Flower School the very best we can.

We all look forward to welcoming you soon.

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This is Lemmy, the cutest school dog ever. He’s well trained and guaranteed to give you hugs!