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Welcome to Tallulah Rose Online!

We understand that joining us here in Cumbria isn’t always an option but there’s no need to worry because now we can come to you!

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a career changer or already in business we have an online course just for you. Each course is filmed in school so you feel like you’re here with us. Make time for you, switch off your phone and close the door on the every day – immerse yourself in creativity…

You’ll find each course listed below, simply click the link to read more. And of course we’re here to answer your questions too. why not email us on and we’ll be happy to respond.


Floristry Foundation Course

For the hobbyist or anyone wanted to dip their toe into the world of commercial floristry learn more about our

Floristry Foundation Course – learn more here 

(Please note that if you’re considering a career change you’re able to skip ahead to the next course. You don’t have to complete the Foundation course in order to progress, the career change course is written as if you have no experience.)

Career Change Course

For the career changers out there this course is the best! I’t’s packed full of both practical and business skills not to mention the incredible online cohort of Tallulahs waiting to meet, greet and support you! Follow the link to read more about this course.

Career Change Course – learn more here




Sympathy Flower Course

Our next course is for those of you wanting to learn or develop your sympathy flower offer. This course teaches you sustainable sympathy flower techniques, you won’t find any floral foam here – anywhere come to mention it!

NB. If you’re purchasing our Online Career Change Course then please don’t add this to your basket because you receive this online course free of charge.

Sustainable Sympathy Flower Course – learn more here 



Everlasting Flower Workshops

And finally we have two everlasting flower workshops too. You can learn how to create a cloud and / or a wreath too! Both techniques are applicable to using fresh ingredients too so it’s a two in one!

We’d love to build our workshop offer so please do let us know what other online workshops or courses you’d like to see here!

Everlasting Flower Workshops – learn more here