Realise your dream and change your life!

‘I have my own floral studio on the high street and made the most fulfilling & rewarding living for myself’

‘…Rachel always encourages the freedom to ‘find yourself, your style & your dream.”


‘…the online course made me confident enough to say yes to all kinds of arrangements…’

‘The videos are inspiring and informative…’

‘…I say this was the best investment I ever did & will ever do for myself…’


Let’s Unleash Your Own Floral Journey!

Flexibility Unleashed, Wherever You Roam

Embark on a thrilling journey of self-paced learning, breaking free from constraints. Dive into the world of floral artistry and business brilliance—explore sourcing, finance, marketing, and sustainability.

Don’t just learn—thrive! Uncover your entrepreneurial prowess. Your dream future starts now!

At a Glance

What’s Included…
  • An extensive catalogue of practical video tutorials, accompanied by a step-by-step guide.
  • Invitation to join the Tallulah Rose Online Community of up-and-coming and experienced florists.
  • Introductory offers on essential business resources.

£1450 OR 3 payments of £500

For life-time access to all course materials and the Tallulah Rose Online Community!

Online Floristry Course: Blossom Anywhere, Anytime!

Embark on a floral journey without boundaries. Our online course offers the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world, in your own space, and at your own pace. Let Rachel, the visionary behind Tallulah Rose Flower School, be your guide as you carve out your new career path.

12 Expert Tutorials by Rachel

Dive into 12 practical, sustainable video tutorials, personally curated by Rachel. From fundamental to commercial floristry techniques, wedding styles and large scale designs – our course is your gateway to floral artistry.

Business Insights and Mastery

Beyond blooms, explore vital business modules covering branding, costing strategies, business planning, and social media finesse. Elevate your expertise and entrepreneurial acumen. Each lesson is complemented by a downloadable guide, ensuring a seamless journey through every process.

Unleash your creativity, broaden your skills, and embark on your floral journey with Rachel’s expert guidance. Start your transformative journey today!

Meet Your Teacher

Founder of Tallulah Rose

After a career in fashion Rachel turned her attention to the world of flowers. She began her journey in 2005 opening her first florist store and school in the city of Bath.

Video lessons include…


  • An initial welcome from our founder, Rachel.
  • A floristry kit chat highlighting the essential equipment needed to complete the course.
  • How to condition flowers, a step by step guide.
  • Practical tutorials on: living sculpture, hand tied bouquet, low bowl centrepiece, meadow box, sympathy basket design, bridal bouquet, natural and wired buttonhole, floral crown, a table runner, a fireplace design, a flower cloud and a floral installation.
  • Photography Workshop with Jessica Reeve.
  • An insight into the world of flower farming, encouraging you to get outside and explore the world around you.
  • And, to wrap things up, a farewell and congratulatory video.


Resource includes…

  • A full resource list featuring introductory offers from a collection of recommended suppliers.
  • Step by step guides with images to accompany each video tutorial. Each guide is downloadable, with room to make your own notes.
  • An invitation to join the Tallulah Rose Online Community Forum where you’ll have the opportunity to share your work with, and offer support to, your fellow students.
  • A digital ‘I trained with Tallulah Rose’ badge to add to your website and social media accounts upon completion of the course.

Hear from our previous students…

Lisa Kidd, Nettie of the Gorge

“When I say this was the best investment I ever did & will ever do for myself is no understatement. I lost my long term employment literally overnight due to COVID the beginning of August 2020, I did not hesitate to sign up to Tallulah’s first online career change course in September 2020 to start trading in October 2020. Fast forward I have my own floral studio on the high street & made the most fulfilling & rewarding living for myself. This course enabled me to study & practice at my own pace & choosing, in what particular order the modules would suit me in real time. The videos are inspiring & informative with Rachel always encouraging you with the freedom to ‘find yourself’ your style & your dream.”

Sanna Hodell
“The instruction videos in the online course made me confident enough to say yes to all kinds of arrangements, big or small, in the beginning of my flower journey. I’m just very happy it was possible to learn so much during a pandemic, when it was impossible to meet up IRL. Big thanks to Rachel and her community.”

Robin Marlin
“I bought the Tallulah Rose Sustainable Sympathy Flowers on-line course. Having read all the information and tried out one of the projects I found it to be really useful. I particularly like the helpful resource list and the free Zoom tutorial beforehand. It has made me think about how I can make other flower mechanics so that they are more sustainable. The on-line course itself was clear and contained loads of information on how to make the different designs. Very reasonably priced and some great ideas.”

“Thank you Rachel.”

Your floral adventure awaits - lets get started!