Student Stories

Florist – Blomme

Nicole de Villiers

Which course did you study at Tallulah Rose and when?
4 week Career Change in February 2018

What did you most enjoy about the course?
Walking into School everyday, the smell of flowers and coffee and new friendships. The feeling that anything was possible and that dreams could actually come true.

What was the most important thing that you learnt during your time at school?
The strength to let go of fear and really believe in myself for the first time. It wasn’t just about flowers for me TRFS taught me confidence to choose the life I always wanted leaving my old life behind me and allowing me the opportunity to bloom.

What was your first big break?
A photo shoot at the Roman Baths that got published in a Wedding Magazine and so much more from that, I have met some amazing people since I started out I kinda feel like the adventure is only beginning.

What are you doing now?
Along with weddings and floral styling I am also working alongside Lexi from Always Sunday which has been huge for me. The passion and love we share for all things creative has branched out into so many ventures and so many exciting things to come.

Describe a typical floristry day…
Everyday is different but that is why I love it. Waking up at 4am catching the sunrise on the way to the market is my favourite, but it varies so much day to day that’s what keeps it exciting.

What’s been your highlight to date?
I can’t choose one thing that would be the highlight. The last year has been a highlight in so many ways. To see Blomme change and evolve into what it is a year later is AWESOME.

What advice would you give to a new student starting out?
Firstly: say YES to everything! Secondly: Wake up every morning, stretch, get ready and say to yourself I am absolutely going to smash it today. Be the best version of yourself always… and remember YOU have totally got this!

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