Career Change Courses

4 Week Career Change Course

  • September 2018 Career Change Course
    3rd September 2018 - 28th September 2018
  • November 2018 Career Change Course
    5th November 2018 - 30th November 2018

We understand that you have a passion for flowers and a dream that one day you might work with them every single day. We had that dream too and so completely understand just how daunting it can be to transform that dream into a reality

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2 Weeks Intensive Career Change Course

  • Intensive Career Change Course - August 2018
    6th August 2018 - 17th August 2018
  • Intensive Career Change Course - October 2018
    15th October 2018 - 26th October 2018

By popular request we have condensed our career change course into an intensive two weeks. During that time, we will provide you with both the practical and business skills required to become a florist – this course is definitely for those who are up for a challenge!

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Free Open Day

  • Open Day - August 2018
    11th August 2018
  • Open Day - September 2018
    8th September 2018
  • Open Day - October 2018
    20th October 2018
  • Open Day - November 2018
    10th November 2018
  • Open Day - December 2018
    15th December 2018

Our FREE taster days are an informal way for us to guide you through the full four week career change course curriculum.

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