New Year, New You


Welcome back after what seems like a long break. We hope you’ve had a great Christmas and are excited by what 2015 has to offer?

New Year is traditionally a time for people to reflect on life and set out to make new resolutions….a promise to ourselves to do either an act of self-improvement or to do something nice for someone else. Whether it be wanting to get fit and healthy or quit an addition, it is also often a time when we question our careers – each of us here at Tallulah Rose have done just that. Making that jump from one career to another is a massive decision, but once you are on your new path it really is very liberating

If it has been your new years resolution to become a florist then our February Career course could be just the answer. Not only will it provide you with practical skills but will also assist in providing the foundations required to start a new business.

So, if you wanting to become the budding florist in 2015 then visit our website for further course details 

Our next four week career course begins 2nd February.


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