New Beginnings….


As summer arrived so did 10 fabulous ladies ready to embark on a brand new floral adventure. Enrolling on our 2 week intensive career change course can be a little nerve wracking however we understand because we’ve all done it too. It’s an honour for us to help support and guide our students through what marks a new beginning in their lives….




Keen to inspire our students from day one with a ‘hands on’ exercise we created these Georgian urn ivy planters. A great exercise to highlight how you can take a simple plant, such as this trailing ivy, add beautiful container and hey presto you have put together a commercial, cost-effective arrangement This arrangement could be used as a gift or as a table centre for an event.


Each day brought something new and different, the students were learning a host of new skills which were setting them up for life as florists….

Wiring Skills to create beautiful (super sized!) flower crowns and buttonholes. Front facing hand-tied bouquets for the most fashionable brides!








Oasis work to produce extravagant candleabras, making for a great line up with the students


With very little or no prior experience, I was hugely proud that after only two weeks of training, (albeit intense!) our students completed the course feeling confident and ready for their new career challenge. Don’t get me wrong it’s wasn’t always an easy ride! There were days when some of our students felt frustrated and not 100% happy with what they’d produced. As an experienced florist I still have days like that now. We can be too hard on ourselves and over critical of our work. In reality though what one person sees as a ‘fault’ the next person loves, in my mind this is what makes floristry a beautiful thing, art after all is subjective. If we can learn from our experiences then we can continue to grow and learn to be happy and confident with what we create.

Going back to the course…… its a definite CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of these students, they should be very proud of what they’ve achieved!

Team Tallulah are excited to follow their floral adventures and watch their business bloom and grow as so many have done before them…

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