Sustainable Floristry with Sarah Statham

As part of our Sustainable Floristry Series we’re thrilled to welcome ‘the Queen of the bowl arrangement’ – Sarah Statham of Simply by Arrangement

Here’s what Sarah has to say about creating a beautiful bowl arrangement using a sustainable florist method…

Working without foam, using just water and whatever mechanics fit the vessel or area to be ‘flowered up’ has always been my favourite way to work, long before it ever became trendy to use the #foamfree hashtag. It’s not something I shout loudly about, mainly because I’m not squeaky clean, I have worked for others who use lots of foam, and, very occasionally there have been beams high up in barns on summer weddings where I have been unable to suggest other options for couples who want their flowers to last all day and night. But, since I started to ‘do the flowers’ just at home and then as a full time job I have mainly worked with chicken wire and water or pin frogs.

When I first started my small business I was fairly unusual in using all the old fashioned methods, but, Constance Spry was my ‘guru’ and I could see that this was the best way to create the looser, natural style to make arrangements that look like they are still growing. More important than anything though was the fact I just wanted to be kind to the flowers. To cut a flower off from growth in the garden is bad enough, but, to then stick it into choking green foam seemed cruel. I try to get my flowers to live for as long as possible and using clean water, placing them with care and letting them live somewhere cool seems to work.

We’ll start the day with an inspirational tour around the world famous Levens topiary garden and after watching Sarah you’ll have the opportunity to create your own bowl arrangement with us. Rachel and Sarah will be on hand to help and guide you. Using British flowers from Carol Siddorn, another ‘flower queen’ and a commissioned bowl by local ceramicist Rebecca Callis.

Course Price – £350

Reserve your place by booking online or email us at and we’ll do the rest.

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What's Included?

Tour of the famous Levens Topiary Garden

Demonstration by Sarah or Simply by Arrangement

Growers chat… with Carol Siddorn

Make your own bowl arrangement using British blooms by Carol Siddorn

Using a specially commissioned bowl by Kendal ceramicist Rebecca Callis