Styling and photography with Janne Ford

Janne’s love of photography led her to Instagram, and as her following grew in excess of one hundred thousand Janne was inspired to share more about what she does. Join us here at Tallulah Flower School and learn what inspires her to create the images loved by thousands.

You’ll delve into the depths of floral styling learning how to improve your visual media as well as using photography and editing apps that will help to create standout images. Janne will explain the importance of using the right light, backdrops and accessories for your brand.

You will create a low bowl arrangement inspired by the nature that surrounds us here at Levens Hall and Janne will guide you through the skills required to take the best possible images to share on your socials and include in your portfolio.

Janne will share her experiences of Instagram with top tips on how to grow our own following and how to design a gallery that will build a meaningful and like minded online community.