2 week Career Change Course 2025

Read how our 2 week career change course is changing for 2025…

Looking forward to 2025 and our intention to use solely British flowers, you will notice our 2025 course calendar will now reflect the British growing season. We have taught without floral foam, using sustainable mechanics and with British flowers for a number of years however we’re taking it one step further for 2025 and committing to using only British flowers. Working within the British growing season means that our 2 week courses will run only in the following months; April, July, August and September. If you’d like to enrol on one of these courses please note places are limited and will be the only UK 2 week career change courses in 2025.

We appreciate that for many of our graduate students working within the British growing season is not an option in terms of both scale and year round events. For this reason we spend time educating about working with, and buying from, international wholesalers. Understanding how you’re able to make informed decision’s when it comes to sustainability and seeking out those commercial growers investing in the future of our industry and planet.

Read on to find out more about our 2 week course….

Our 2 week Intensive Career Change Course is full to bursting with both the practical and business skills you require to launch your own creative floristry business. Working from the basic to the advanced we take you from hand-tied bouquets through to large scale installations. It is our will that you find your own creative style of floristry and in order that we promote this within your practise you’ll find that we don’t demonstrate our designs fully. If we do this you will simply copy and be less likely to grow in confidence as quickly as we need you too. We do of course lead and guide you through your practical piece however, we encourage you to find your own way resulting in a style that’s true to you. We always provide an abundance of the most beautiful flowers. We lead the way showing you how to choose your flowers, what to look for and most importantly what they’re called! It is vital for your confidence that you choose your own flowers, we won’t be there post course to choose for you and of course it also means that your arrangement will be individual too – just like you!

Alongside the practical elements we also help you to build the skills required to start your new creative business. Included in these skills are photography, branding, marketing, social media, business start up skills and a group business coaching session. Once you have completed your course with us you are invited to join our closed Tallulah Rose Student Forum. Here you will be welcomed by former Tallulah students all willing to help and support you through those early days and beyond ! We also have a Tallulah Freelance Floristry page where you’ll find intern, work experience and job opportunities too.

We are often asked ‘what is the difference between the 2 and 4 week course?’ Our 2 week course was established five years ago, initially at the request of school teachers wanting to learn during the summer holidays, it was so successful that we continued! We can’t squeeze everything into two weeks, however after years of experience we know exactly what elements we need to teach in order that you have both the skills and the confidence to launch your own florist business. You can see from our Student Stories that many have indeed done just that!

Without stating the obvious, that we have you for two weeks less, the main differences between the courses are; business skills – you are given exactly the same information that is included within our 4 week course however we simply don’t have the time to discuss all the business modules in such great detail, two days versus five. We use our time together wisely however and choose the modules that are most beneficial discussed within a group environment, for example, ideas to market your business and where to sell your floristry services.

Practical skills – you have eight days of practical floristry on our 2 week Career Change Course and fourteen days on our 4 week course. The additional days on our 4 week course cover planning, purchasing and designing your own small event along with additional large scale installation work. If completing our 2 week course is your only option please don’t panic, we’ll ensure that you leave armed with all the skills you need to set you on your way. Remember too that you can always return to add bolt on days or short courses as and when you feel you need them.

Everyone is awarded a certificate on completion of the course however as we mentioned above it’s not goodbye! Team Tallulah and our former students are always there for you as you leave the safety of school and launch your own florist business.

NB. All tools and equipment required to complete the course are provided for you and any vessel you use during the course is yours to *keep. A Tallulah Rose apron is given to you on your first day of school and is yours to take away after you have completed the course. We have a wide range of books that you may borrow during your time with us and we don’t require that you buy any books ahead of your course however we do recommend The British Flowers book by Claire Brown. This book will become your flower bible and worth every penny – and no we’re not paid to say that! This book will help you to become familiar with not only flower names but their seasons too.

*excluding any hired items or items belonging to the school.

If you scroll down the page you’ll see the breakdown of both practical and business skills included within this two week course.

Each week consists of tuition from Monday to Friday. Class starts at 10.00am and finishes at 4.30pm.

Course Price 2025 – £3550

A deposit payment of £500 is required to secure your place. The final payment must be received  six weeks prior to your chosen course date.

For information on places to stay during your course please visit Recommended Accommodation.

Please read our Payments, Cancellations & Refunds Policy prior to booking.

Practical floristry lessons

Included within our 2 week career change course are eight days of practical sustainable floristry, remember we’re a floral foam free school using only British flowers from 2025.

During your first week we’ll focus on the seasonality of flowers and how to care and condition your flowers. Wastage control is important too especially if you’re planning on opening a retail store. Also during your first week we invite the fabulous Jessica Reeve to host a half day photography workshop for you all. Sharing her knowledge Jess ensures that you have the skills to take the best possible shots during your time with us. Remember these shots will form the beginnings of your portfolio.

To ensure you acquire the necessary skills to launch your business within a commercial and competitive environment we include the following designs;

  • Seasonal Living wreaths
  • Hand-tied bouquet
  • Low bowl arrangement
  • Flower meadow arrangement
  • Floral arch
  • Sympathy tribute

As we move into week two we begin the week by talking through wedding marketing, consultations and how to approach costings and quotations. We then move on to practical hands on floristry covering;

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Flower crown
  • Buttonhole
  • Table scape
  • Large urn arrangment
  • Garland
  • Flower installation
  • Floral cloud

Costing each design is vital, if you don’t know what to charge how do you know where to start in making a successful business? We teach you a mathematical formula including all the elements required to make your design both competitive and profitable.

Business lessons

We spend two days, one on each of our weeks together introducing you to the skills required to launch your own business. Stepping away from practical floristry we come together to discuss branding, ( a fun day of mood boards!) marketing, the how’s and why’s of social media and the legalities of launching your business. We walk you through setting up a business plan and discuss financing, how to forecast your outgoings as well as cashflow. Finally we bring all these aspects of business together within one coaching  session. The session, run by Crag and Crest, will help you to visualise, prioritise and realise!

  • Branding and mood boards
  • Customer profiling
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Photography workshop
  • Business plan
  • Legal structure
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Website workshop

During your second week with us we whisk you into the magical topiary gardens here at Levens Hall followed by a delicious lunch prepared by the fabulous chefs at Levens Kitchen. The perfect day to practise our photography too.

Our final day brings celebration and graduation!