Courses For Florists

Three Day Sympathy Flowers Course

  • Three Day Sympathy Flowers Course - November 2017
    28th November 2017 - 30th November 2017

We place emphasis on naturally styled sympathy flowers, encapsulating seasonality. Rather than using carnations and chrysanthemums we use an abundance of seasonal flowers and foliage’s, using many different forms and textures.

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Large Floral Arch Course

  • Large Floral Arch Course - 11th May 2018
    11th May 2018

Come and learn the how to design and construct a large floral arch using beautiful British grown flowers.

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One to One Courses

  • 26th February 2016 - 16th February 2018

Whether it be business skills or practical, our one to one bespoke class can be tailored to suit your needs.

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You and Your Team

  • 27th February 2016 - 14th June 2018

Bespoke workshops can be arranged for either corporate away days or team-building events.

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Tallulah to You

  • 4th March 2016 - 13th March 2020

It may be your company is just in need of some training or inspiration, or that you need new ideas to help to turn your shop around, but at times being onsite is a great way to work through these ideas.

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NATURE & NOURISH – Macramé, Plants & Succulents

  • 6th January Macrame, Plants & Succulents Course
    6th January 2018
  • 24th January Macrame, Plants & Succulents Course
    24th January 2018

Combining craft and floristry skills and learn how to make a Macramé holder for hanging plants, and a living wreath filled with moss and succulents.

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Celebrate: Spring – Bouquets & Bulbs

  • Bouquets & Bulbs Day Course - 11th March 2018
    11th March 2018
  • Bouquets & Bulbs Day Course - 31st March 2018
    31st March 2018

Get your hands on the best of springs flowers and bulbs and learn how to present them with a fresh, new look.

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Spring Wedding

  • Spring Wedding Day Course - 10th March 2017
    10th March 2018

Whether you’re a florist, bride-to-be or simply passionate about flowers this course is both fun and informative. Come and be inspired and create up to date spring wedding flowers.

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Bridal Weekend – The Whole Shebang!

  • Bridal Weekend - 5th-6th May
    5th May 2018 - 6th May 2018
  • Bridal Weekend - 26th-27th July
    26th July 2018 - 27th July 2018

Instagram followers will love this two-day extensive wedding course covering everything you need to know to create up to date wedding flowers. We will make bouquets, button holes, flower crowns and two larger scale pieces. Come and create ‘The Look!’

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Colour and Texture

  • Colour and Texture - 27th January 2018
    27th January 2018
  • Colour and Texture - 25th April 2018
    28th April 2018
  • Colour and Texture - 22nd August 2018
    22nd August 2018
  • Colour and Texture - 23rd August 2018
    23rd August 2018
  • Colour and Texture - 3rd November 2018
    3rd November 2018

This class is for anyone who needs an inspired style update. Push the boundaries to create unique designs that are at the forefront of trend.

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Natural Wedding

  • Natural Wedding - 7th July
    7th July 2018
  • Natural Wedding - 30th July
    30th July 2018

No wires, no floral foam and no imported flowers, this is an eco-friendly course for those wanting to produce a stylish natural wedding.

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(Very!) Large Urn

  • (Very!) Large Urn - 15th March 2018
    15th March 2018
  • (Very!) Large Urn - 5th April 2018
    5th April 2018
  • (Very!) Large Urn - 31st October 2018
    31st October 2018

It is all about the scale – you will be working with a wide range of beautiful seasonal flowers and structural foliage’s to create a naturally styled large urn.

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Celebrate: Winter – Large Scale Luxury Wreath

  • Christmas Course - 2nd December 2017
    2nd December 2017
  • Christmas Course - 8th December 2017
    8th December 2017
  • Christmas Course - 7th December 2018
    7th December 2018
  • Christmas Course - 8th December 2018
    8th December 2018
  • Christmas Course - 12th December 2018
    12th December 2018
  • Christmas Course - 13th December 2018
    13th December 2018

Christmas in Bath really is a truly magical place, join in the festive cheer and join us on this course.

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